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Two Bears Dog Training
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Private Dog and Puppy Training

All training is done in a combination of settings including your home, our facility, and most importantly in public places.

In our Foundation Dog Training Program for puppies and adult dogs you learn to control your dog's resources to gain his/her attention. You learn to handle your dog on leash without conflict. You and your dog learn to communicate with each other in a language you both can understand. You learn to train a series of behaviors designed to produce a mannerly dog in the home and in public. The behaviors and actions your dog learns and the skills you learn will become the Foundation of you relationship and of all future training.

Dogs are living beings and no matter how much some might wish dog training were a science, IT IS NOT. While all dog trainers use scientific principles, dog training also requires intuition, sensitivity, empathy and skillful handling to achieve training goals. Two Bears Dog Training can give you the skills to make your training journey successful and rewarding.

Foundation I Dog & Puppy Training
  • Two Bears Dog Trainers teach and work with you and your dog to develop effective leash handling skills. This includes proper response to leash and social pressure. Teaching response to pressure as a skill allows the handler to use it, aong with positive reinforcement, to stabilize behaviors without undue stress on the dog. This combination is what separates us from most other dog trainers.
  • Two Bears Dog Trainers teach you to develop a system of communication with your dog that he/she can understand and depend on. This step we believe is essential for developing a relation free from conflict over resources. Our dog training system is simple to implement and provides a foundation of trust between handler and dog.
  • Two Bears Dog Trainers teach you how to get and hold your dog's attention. Without your dog's attention, building a relationship of value between you and your dog is impossible. You must be more valuable to him/her than the environment. You do this by owning the resources the environment has to offer.
  • In Foundation I you teach your dog "Go to Place", "Sit", "Down", "Let's Go" (respecting the loose lead), the "Release" to resources and the "Recall" (or come) position.
Two Bears Dog and Puppy Training
Jazz on "Place"!
Foundation II Dog & Puppy Training
Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation I Training.

The Foundation II Dog & Puppy Training Program refines the skills learned in Foundation I and in addition takes the dog off leash. Advanced place board and distance work will be introduced.

Commands taught:
"Heel", "Down", "Stand" and "Wait"
Dog & Puppy Training
Wart on "Place"!

Drop-in Obedience:

Two Bears Dog and Puppy TrainingFormer or current clients may attend open group training.
Non-clients who wish to proof their training or work around heavy distractions are welcome to attend after a TWO BEARS evaluation. We welcome any individual who wishes to observe our group training.

Please notify us in advance so we may expect you.

If you are coming to observe, do not bring your dog.


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